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New update/farm zone.
Hello everyone, New update! New (MOS farm zone 2 ) And also a brand new LS / BOG farm zone That will need spoil support. Changed tvt / chf event system.
02 December, 2019
Server started
Server launched without problems. We are waiting for you all! First player prize won: pacanymen. He has already been assigned 100 donate coin. Still waiting for clan regi...
30 November, 2019
Opening DAY!
Opening! today at 16:00 UTC +2 Tallinn / Vilnius. Server pach will appear at 15:50 UTC +2. Donate Deposit Bonus Only this week When you buy 100 donate coin you will receive a...
30 November, 2019
Clan invite rewards!
For clan attention! Bring your clan to us which has at least 5 players get Clan Coin + 8Lv. A larger clan like 10-15 people gets Clan Coin + Lv and 30 Donate Coin. All leader...
20 November, 2019
Introducing you to the wonderful project L2King. This is the next generation PvP-Medium mix server that will create two types of server. Plenty of work and time to make everyth...
19 November, 2019